Skidsteer & Tractor Work

There are many jobs our Skidsteer and Tractor Services can knock out for you quickly, neatly and efficiently.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Brush Hogging

  • Disaster Cleanup

  • Construction / Demolition

  • Excavation

  • Driveway Construction / Maintenance

  • Swimming Pool Excavation

  • Pond Excavation

  • Hardscaping

  • Garden-Building

Land Clearing & Leveling

A Level Yard Is An Attractive Yard

Settling, drainage and multiple other natural (and unnatural) causes can make your yard uneven and overgrown. Extensive variation in level or overgrowth can result in uneveness that it’s easy for our equipment to take care of.

Our Skidsteers and Tractors can eliminate depressions, troughs, holes, overgrown brush lines and save you time and money leveling out the surface and preparing it for grass, decorative landscaping, hardscaping and topdressing.

Debris Material Hauling & Removal

We haul all types of leftover construction materials left behind by DIY projects and subcontractors.

Framing and Construction Scrap Wood

Framing and construction projects around your property can often leave behind scraps from new construction and materials from demolition that are unsafe or improper to repurpose.

In addition to being a safety hazard for curious children and pets, they can detract from the appearance of your new addition or outbuilding.

Broken Concrete and Brick Pickup

If you have just finished a DIY patio project or have recently contracted with a small business to lay a foundation or to build a wall, you may wind up with piles of broken concrete around the edges of the construction area.

Concrete and bricks are often too heavy or too bulky to be disposed of with a regular waste disposal pickup.

Drywall and Roofing Scrap

Drywall, commonly referred to as “sheetrock” can degrade over time and spread fine white particles from broken pieces among hardscaping materials like stones and gravel and can often contain sharp metallic debris from fasteners and nails that used to attach it to framing.

Shingles replaced during storm damage repair can also break down into smaller particles that are hard to remove from hardscapes.

Like concrete and bricks, Drywall and Roofing Scrap are often too big or bulky to be handled by regular waste disposal services.

Scrap Metal Disposal

Aside from being heavy, scrap metal is perhaps the most dangerous debris to allow to accumulate around your home or project site. Our team has the knowledge and skill to safely remove it and dispose of it through the proper channels, even if you are unsure whether or not the scrap metals you need removed are environmentally hazardous.

We haul:

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel and Tin… in the form of siding, electrical conduit, tin roofing, stainless steel sheeting, appliances, vehicle frames, bars, fabrications, conduits, structures, signposts, fenceposts, crank arms, boat hulls, outboard engines, house paneling, tin roofs, engine blocks and pistons, wiring, plumbing waste, transformers… if you need it moved, we can get it gone.

Fencing Installation

Our professional installers have the product expertise, skills and talent to meet your fencing budget and leave your yard protected from everything you want to keep out of it.

Whether it’s chain link, wood, vinyl, metal or a prefabricated composite fencing system, we can install the right fence for you on a timeline that meets your needs and your schedule.

Stump Removal

A dead stump on your property is more than an eyestore. It can interfere with your home landscape, as well. Even a stump left behind by the removal of a small tree or shrub can take up to a year to decompose naturally.

So what if you decide to try to remove it yourself?

Common chainsaw techinques may level the stump to the ground, but these practices still leave the root structure intact. This leaves behind parts of the stump that attracts most pests.

Choosing Earth WorkZ provides homeowners with quick, professional, and successful results. Homeowners can save time, money, hassle and preserve the landscape that they worked so hard to cultivate.

Disaster Response & Relief

Widespread flooding, wind damage and structural degradation in the wake of a strong storm or hurricane can devastate your property. When you live in a potential hurricane zone, it pays to plan well in advance before a disaster strikes.

When it comes to cleaning up your property after a major storm or hurricane, chances are Federal Debris Removal resources can take up to 30 days to respond.

Earth Workz LLC is a SAM Debris Removal Contractor that can respond to recent storms fastest, As a Local company operating within the disaster area that could affect your property, we can provide practical and feasible disaster relief that can get you back to normal weeks before public resources can affect a positive change.

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