Stump Removal

A dead stump on your property is more than an eyestore. It can interfere with your home landscape, as well. Even a stump left behind by the removal of a small tree or shrub can take up to a year to decompose naturally.

So what if you decide to try to remove it yourself?

Oftentimes, the overall size and weight of the stump is underestimated which not only can lead to injury, but a realization of not having the right tools in the tool shed.

Common chainsaw techinques may level the stump to the ground, but these practices still leave the root structure intact. This leaves behind parts of the stump that attracts most pests.

Choosing Earth WorkZ provides homeowners with quick, professional, and successful results. Homeowners can save time, money, hassle and preserve the landscape that they worked so hard to cultivate.

With over 20 years of experience in heavy machinery operation, we partner with home owners and design professionals to deliver the highest quality results.

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